Types of Foot Orthotics
How long my custom made Orthotic Lasts

The life span of your foot orthotic varies from patient to patient. The materials used to make the foot orthotic, your foot structure, current levels of activities, age and physical condition all have an impact on the life span of your foot orthotics.

Essentially there are 3 types of custom made foot orthotics which include:

  1. SEMI-RIGID: The most commonly used custom made foot orthotic and will last aproximately 2-4 years. At Gait Maxx Foot Care, we will always send a reminder after one year for a 1 year check up. At that time we will evaluate and advise if your insole Custom foot orthotic is still functionally working for you.
  2. RIGID: This foot orthotic tend to be made of materials that do not easily break down and provide the maximum amount of correction and typically las the highest endurance and lifespan.
  3. ACCOMMODATIVE: When faced with accommodating more sensitive deformities or conditions (I.e. Diabetes and arthritis) at Gait Maxx Foot Care Clinics, our Orthotic Labs usually make a softer foot orthotic. the materials used to make these devices typically break down faster. Your Gait Maxx Foot Specialist, will discuss the type and life expectancy of your new foot orthotic during your appointment.

Children Foot Orthotics

At Gait Maxx Foot Care Clinics we make foot orthotics specially for kids and teens to control foot ailments such as:

  • Sever's Disease
  • Osgood Schallater's
  • Flat Feet
  • Ankle Pain
  • General Foot Pain
  • In Toeing and Out Toeing