Shin splints is a condition where in the periosteum of the tibia is damaged when it is pulled away by an overstressed tibialis posterior. Anterior shin splints is a condition where the blood flow is obstructed at the anterior compartment due to the hypertrophy of the over stressed tibialis anterior.

Common Symptoms
Dull aching pain felt along medial or anterior sides of the tibia. Once it starts any activity will aggravate it.

How it is caused
During pronation(over pronation) the tendon of the tibialis posterior is stretched and pulled upon excessively thereby attacking the weakest area namely its origin on the periosteum of the tibia. The anterior compartment is tightly constricted, the swollen tibialis anterior can cause an obstruction of blood flow which in turn, can cause severe pain due to the ischemia (Lack of oxygen) This can be very serious and may require emergency surgery.

How is it treated?
Since the problem is the over-pronation, the patient should be fitted with orthotics and will likely experience relief as there is a high rate of success with orthotics and motion control shoes. Specific type of stretches can be indicated to relieve pain.