Orthotic Manufacturing On Site


With an on site lab in each one of our clinics, the patient is assured that his/her orthotics will be produced precisely by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist on site. In many cases, footwear customization may also be necessary. A process which can be performed and completed on site.


The first step of the manufacturing process is the casting of both feet. Gait Maxx Foot Care professionals only use three dimensional casting techniques, including mold-able slipper cast procedure.

The advantages of the slipper cast - Non weight bearing foot does capture structural defects, for example if the arch flattens excessively then this occurs when the weight is on the foot. This is why most of us believe our arches are fine, we look at them when there is very little weight on them, for example when we are sitting.

Precise positioning of the foot; The pedorthist can hold the joints including the ankle, sub talar (below the ankle), mid tarsal (bones in the middle portion) and the foot. Positioning the fore foot up or down can increase or decrease the height of the arch and the overall correction of the foot. Most casting methods cannot provide this degree of flexibility of "intrinsic" cast correction.

After casting, Gait Maxx Foot Care Pedorthists are able to create a wide range of foot orthotics to suit each patient's specific needs. We are able to supply our patients foot orthotics within one week (7 Days). We are also able to make adjustments and refurbishments to patients foot orthotics, at our on site labs, whilst the patient waits for them.